Saturday, 23 February 2013

Working Late

Working for myself I tend not to bother too much about the conventions of working 9 to 5. 

In practical terms, when I'm not working, I'm not earning so for example my phone is on 24/7 (although to be fair 'do not disturb' is set on the iPhone between 10.00pm and 8.00am). 

My work pattern varies but generally I am in the office first thing around 6.30am checking e-mails. To fit in with family meals and sporting activities I will 'finish' work around 5.00pm ish but tend to have the Macbook on my lap from around 8.00 to 10.00pm in the evenings to catch up on e-mails, marketing prep and the variety of off-line tasks that can be done at leisure.

Working today I've discovered that the tasks I've been saving for the weekend (quote requests, preparing client fact finds and researching a new article) are actually some of the most boring and tedious - frankly, I've been boring myself today and writing this brief blog post has been one of the most interesting things I've done all day - sadly !

The notable exception was playing 'throw a penguin' with my seven year old (don't ask). although the game ended in tragedy for the penguin - but that's another story !

Enjoy your weekend.


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