Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Martial Arts training as you age

I took my usual karate class on Monday evening. As it's the Easter holidays we were not at our usual school dojo but rather a local church hall replacement instead. Again with the holidays there were lower numbers so I tend to run the 30 minute beginner class in with my main class and train for just 90 minutes total instead of two hours.

The first 30 minutes including the beginners by definition needed to be super easy but afterwards we really made up for it with a set of five repetitions each of press ups, squats, sit ups and either star jumps or squat thrusts increasing from around 40 individual exercises in the first rep. to over 175 in the final one - all done one after the other with a 20 second rest period after each set. Then we went on to kata at full speed. An excellent and challenging session.

Only problem is on Wednesday (now) my thighs are so loaded with lactic acid I can barely walk ! That's the main effect of age I find. It takes a little longer for the after effects of a strong session to hit me and then the ache lingers a day longer than it ever did before - great fun.

Although I'm guessing the 4.5 miles I ran on Tuesday morning first thing didn't help either !

Ho Hum, just about to set off for my 90 minute Wednesday karate training session then I have the cinema with the family at 8.10pm - will be ready to drop by the time I get home around mid-night I expect !

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