Wednesday, 5 October 2016

EDC Update

Have a made a few changes/updates to my personal every day carry as per the photo below :

My EDC - October 2016
So we have the following :

  • Iphone 7 Plus in a Spigen 'Rugged Armour' case
  • Mpow Swift blue tooth headphones
  • Credit Card sized leather wallet (£ 9.99 from a garden centre !)
  • Paracord bracelet with fishing line and firestarter
  • Victorinox 'Huntsman' knife - this lives in my bag - too bulky for EDC
  • LED Lanser mini flashlight & case
  • Victorinox 'Spartan' knife - compact and tidy, really good to have on hand
  • minimum keys I can get away with
  • Apple Watch V1.0 for training, notification and of course - telling the time

Still looking at additional updates, not happy with keys floating loose in front jean pocket so in the market for some kind of keychain/carabiner and also although I love the utility of the Spartan knife and use it daily I want another small pocket knife so I have one spare for running/walking in the woods to keep with workout gear etc. - considering a low cost folding blade that I can afford to misplace - have ordered a CRKT Journeyer to see what it's like but might return if I can't get on with it.

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