Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Karate Demo yesterday evening

Presented two demonstrations at a Sports and Activity Fair in Leeds yesterday evening and had a small team of senior belts/instructors with me manning a stand to discuss our karate club with visitors.

The event went very well and I am hopeful we will pick up new members on the back of being there.

Spotted something a little unusual at the Fair though. As well as ourselves in attendance there was also another karate club, a taekwando club, aikido and thai boxing.

So of the five 'martial arts' represented only two took the (free) option of putting together 15 minute demonstrations (ourselves and the thai boxers) and in addition during the rest of the event all of the clubs were able to put mats down and perform some exercises for visitors who were mingling around the stands.

My club did some pad work for kids, demonstrated kata, self defence techniques and advanced kicking against the pads. I actually got as good a work out in amongst chatting to people as I do in a training session I think.

The other clubs, by and large did very little.

My impression was largely that they were a little unsure about showing off what they did. It also occurred to me that maybe we were a little loud for them ?

Regardless, if the point of the event is to put your martial arts style forward I'd rather be up front, chat to people and show them what we do.

Kind of like life generally !

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